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Essential Oils for Fido
February 08, 2016
Essential Oils for Fido

You love essential oils. You love your pets.  Essential Oils For Fido  Yet there is much from both sides of the fence as to whether essential oils are good, or even appropriate, for our 4-legged family members. Welp...here's the long-awaited answer to the long-debated

Aromatherapy Terms Defined
January 12, 2016
Aromatherapy Terms Defined

We've received numerous inquires to publish a list of defined aromatherapy terms. The below reference lists common words and terminology used in aromatherapy and essential oil applications. 

This is a living blog...

What Essential Oils Can I Use For My Children?
October 08, 2015
What Essential Oils Can I Use For My Children?
What Essential Oils Can I Use For My Children?

Now that we've covered which oils to avoid for which ages or simply altogether, you're most likely thinking "okay...well then what oils CAN I use?"  We get asked all the time about the “avoid” list and in terms of which that means...

Essential Oils & Our Children
August 05, 2015
Essential Oils & Our Children 

Essential Oils & Our ChildrenA question we get asked directly and/or on our facebook page quite often is, “What essential oils can I use on my children?”

The short answer is...