Golden Natural Power of Rosemary Oil

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Golden Natural Power of Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil is one of the most popular essential oils for its wide variety of uses and health benefits.  It has become more and more popular over the years as the herb itself as become better understood. From being a major ingredient in your favorite pot of spaghetti to being used to stimulate hair growth, Rosemary oil has a number of uses and benefits including boosting mental clarity and activity, helping to relieve respiratory problems and reducing pain.

RosemaryRosmarinus Officinalis, as is Rosemary's botantical name, is very popular in the Mediterranean (Italian, Greek, etc) as a culinary herb. Many dishes are cooked with rosemary oil and/or fresh picked plucked rosemary needles. It's from these needles/leaves that Rosemary essential oil is mostly extracted from. The rosemary bush itself belongs to the mint family which includes basil, lavender, myrtle, and sage. 

The Roman culture, in particular gave special importance to Rosemary and thus used it extensively in religious ceremonies, wedding ceremonies, medicine, food prep and cosmetic care. The health benefits of rosemary essential oil also made it a favorite of a renowned German-Swiss physician and botanist (Paracelsus), who made major contributions to herbal medicine during the 16th century. Paracelsus valued rosemary oil because of its ability to strengthen the entire body, and as was further confirmed in the later years to come, Paracelsus held to Rosemary oil's ability to heal delicate organs such as the liver, brain, and heart.

Here are an incredible 11, count them, E L E V E N categories of benefits and uses of Rosemary Oil!

Health benefits of Rosemary Oil


Cerebral Boost

Hair Care

Immune System Boost


Mouth Care

Pain Relief

Respiratory Problems

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Skin Care

Stress Relief


Medical disclaimer: The information provided herein is for personal interest and informational purposes only. It is NOT intended to offer medical treatment for any condition. Essential oils are very concentrated and are not to be used undiluted on the skin or taken internally otherwise instructed by your Doctor. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


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