Marvelous Rose Geranium

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Marvelous Rose Geranium

Often referred to as ‘Rose Geranium oil’, Geranium essential oil has marvelous therapeutic uses that range from treating skin conditions (such as acne, dry skin, eczema, etc) to even treating endometriosis, painful periods, fatigue, tender breasts, cracked nipples (in pregnancy), pressure sores (bed sores), stress & depression.  Just what makes this EO so special???

GeraniumGeranium’s most common and widespread use is in the realm of skin care and grooming as it nourishes dry skin, relieves itchy scalp conditions and smooth’s out fine lines and wrinkles. However, much deeper than that, Geranium oil is actually a tonic for the adrenal cortex which regulates the release of hormones. Geranium oil thus helps maintain hormonal balance specifically in cases of puberty, premenstrual phases, menopause, sterility and menstrual irregularities.  It also provides relief from symptoms of PMS like fluid retention and breast swollenness.  As a supporter of the adrenal system, as a whole, Geranium oil is especially helpful in managing chronic exhaustion and fatigue. And since hormones have a direct effect on our moods, Geranium can effectively combat depression, nervousness and weariness which are usually symptoms of hormonal imbalance.  

Geranium is both analgesic (substance used to relieve pain) and antispasmodic (substance used to relieve spasm of involuntary muscle).  It can provide relief from nerve disorders such as neuralgia and rheumatic arthritis.  It is also helpful in treating chronic anxiety and nervousness. Geranium oil also possesses potent astringent, antiseptic, antifungal and diuretic properties, making it an effective remedy for urinary tract infections, sore throat, oral ulcers and yeast infections. 

Also as a natural phlebotonic, Geranium can relieve hemorrhoids, varicose veins and excessive menstrual bleeding. Granted, Geranium oil is a versatile oil for everyone, but is an all-around particularly useful oil for women…and it also tends to be more economical then some other oils….and what woman doesn’t love that?!  


Still many people just love to use Geranium essential oil as a room freshener simply because of its delightfully enchanting fragrance and that is, by itself, a good enough reason as any!


Medical disclaimer: The information provided herein is for personal interest and informational purposes only. It is NOT intended to offer medical treatment for any condition. Essential oils are very concentrated and are not to be used undiluted on the skin or taken internally otherwise instructed by your Doctor. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


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